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The writing of the author is reasoned and exemplified with abundant stories. A number of messages have been put forward in the book. First of all, the author states that psychopaths are not made in our society but they are born this way. For this he presents stories about persons, who for no reason, considering that their environment was normal, start behaving in a disturbing yet harsh manner.

            From here on we gain three particular messages of Hare’s book. First of all, the family of a psychopath should not let guilt take over their behavior. Instead, they should take steps to visit clinicians who are experts in this field, and if they find out that the person is a psychopath, then strategies and techniques to handle him should be considered. What he further tells us is that the character and actions of a psychopath do not usually change in any way as such, except for when they get old.

    In the final message the author tells us as to how we can protect ourselves protect ourselves from being victimized by psychopaths around us. He presents a series of ways that can be taken up by women, the elderly, the wealthy and the lonely people. He believes that one should be warned at hand so that we donot become their victims.


      In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that psychopaths do not care about anyone but themselves and this has been proved in the book namely “Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths among Us” that was written by Robert Hare. He tells us how to identify them; save ourselves from them and that their families should not hold themselves as responsible.

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