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Explain Frankl’s view of the human situation that the human being is a multi-dimensional unity. Include in your response the activities of the human beings that refer to the spiritual dimension.

A4.  According to Viktor Frankl human beings are multi-dimensional as they are able to understand and respond to the message of God, though human beings are born free yet they are tied in life’s situations they exercise their freedom by doing their fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. Frankl says human beings are created this way they always seek what is beyond their reach. Frankl has always been interested in the natural existence of human in relation to God His theory is that humans are multi-dimensional and call it ‘dimensional ontology’ of humans; the three dimensions are ‘Somatic’, the ‘psychic’ and the ‘spiritual’, the somatic and psychic are related to psychotherapy, but spiritual is not affected by it .

This is the ‘will,’ and ‘faith’ of the humans are always trying to find the meaning of life in this world full of knowledge, it is the human mind that is conscious and asks questions and finding answers to their quest leads them to infinity. Frankl’s third dimension is the will power of the human beings who live and die for their ideals and values, this spiritual dimension is necessary for the personal growth of the human beings, this dimension gives meaning to life and existence by fulfilling their values and ideals, spiritual dimension leads human beings to find meaning of life through guilt and suffering and to face life as it comes till death.

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