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“Effective planning and management of human resources is at the core of any successful event. Ensuring an event is adequately staffed with the right people, who are appropriately trained and motivated to meet its objectives, is fundamental to the event management process.” (Bowdin, Allen, O’Toole, Harris, McDonnell, p. 144). Similarly, to ensure the successful organization and execution of the National Book Festival, a suitable workforce is essential.
Staffing Requirements

Human resource and staffing requirements for events is different from the human resource management required in organizations. The size of the staff explodes at the time of the event to include the event management team, many paid staff, hundreds of volunteers and multiple contractors, such as food vendors and cleaning teams. Everyone working on the site comes into the scope of the event workforce. (Wagen, 2006)
An initial analysis of the various activities and facilities in the festival indicate the following human resource needs:
• Event managers to take care of the overall planning and organizing activities of the festival
• Bus driver and attendants to take the authors from the white house to the inauguration venue
• Team to make a list of authors to be invited to the festival and send invitations to these authors
• Teams to tackle the arrangements for book reading sessions, and presentations
• Team to coordinate with Mrs. Bush to prepare a list of invitees from the government officials, and send them out and take care of the follow ups. These same team members can then be used to escort these guests around, if needed
• Team to prepare a list of organizations that promote reading and send invitations to them
• Teams for each section/ pavilion i.e.:

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