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The human resource department will hire selected new key people in different departments as per need. The human resource department at Ducati believes in hiring a diverse workforce as it adds to employee productivity. For this purpose the department has decided a thirty percent quota for minorities in all subsequent hiring in the organization. The department will deploy at least ten self managing teams in different sub divisions and analyze their productive input. Given the success of these teams the department will initiate the process of forming more such teams in different units to enhance employee output.

The human resource department has identified a need to improve the quality controls within the organization. For this purpose the department will create at least twenty new positions and hire twenty skilled quality management workers over year 2009. The department seeks to create selective management incentives and retention plans. The intensive competition in industry can lead to higher salary and fringe benefits offers to our employees and the department will work to counter all such offers and retain our skilled employees. The department will carry out two training needs assessment over current year, in first and second quarter respectively. On the basis of training needs assessment conducted five training programs will be initiated spaced over the twelve month period to train employees in deficient areas. Dealers training needs assessment will also be carried out and dealers will be trained to fulfill the Ducati code of procedures of customer relationship management. Training will include customer interaction, problem resolution, customer protocol and more aspects of customer touch-point issues.

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