Sample Essay

The Personal strategy led was different from DrugDiv and surely unsuccessful. The business itself wanted avoid a different strategy round the negative consequences of the introduction of computers and data bank. The new strategy is to understand it is important the things to consider that have been wrong had been walked. New technology in DrugDiv proposed that computers and a data bank encompassed the sale target for each sale representative to register.

Previously they used paper then a means of internal communication or other jobs relation task. Although technologies essentially for the taking of a step forward and also is competent in the industry to be, but then internal bring on the market and effective execution with help of efficient communication is essential. This small SBU of a relative large multinational gave a new laptop to each of its sale representatives so that they ease over e-mail where the head office could communicate.  A data bank was developed that a target list for each by the representatives registered, that at their fixed target given to reach, and this helped the management in exporting the performance estimations as well. The new technology and this system became in the business proposed, but without technical experts or expert in automation since the administration entrusted at a blunder from having cannot the problems expect that in the system can happen.  An expert was necessary on board to its problems on to discharge and this is where the complete strategy separately fell.  The administration and management were over optimistic and they thought the employees easy could communicate their problems, but indeed the communication channel was different since employees could not inform the administration over the problems.

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