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When the human race came into existence, it had no idea of how to survive in terms of food consumption. They had no clue that what was beneficial for them to consume and how they actually will be accessing to the right food which will be beneficial for their body. Hence the history explains that the early human beings used to rely on either plants or by consuming the raw flesh of animals that they used to kill (Clive, 2007). As the time kept on passing, new advancements and improvements kept on enhancing the food cycle of the human beings and vast variety of processed food products started making their way to the super markets.

Today, halal and kosher markets account for almost 100,000 products in the United States worth about $100 billion. The halal and kosher products are certified by various Muslim authorities and rabbinical commissions on a year-to-year basis for a fee that is contractually kept secret. With demand of meat products began to rise, more and more animals were slaughtered to fulfill the demand of meat items in the market which also raised concerns among the governments and the population whether any standards of cleanliness were set and observed in slaughterhouses or not (Brian, 2008). Another concern regarding slaughtering of animals was to make sure whether the animals were being slaughtered according to the prescribed religious requirements or were slaughtered without considering the fact that any religious requirement rarely matters in slaughtering of animals.

Since 1920, after the invention of mechanical stunning equipment which was mainly used in turning the animal unconscious, many countries began adopting that method as the national standard by secular but this method was not accepted in Islamic & Jewish slaughterhouses where it was necessary to cut the neck of the animal which is fully conscious and letting the blood flow off the neck of the animal completely rather than letting the animal succumb to death due to the injuries caused (Charles, 2008).

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