Sample Essay

Q3. Explain Hobbes’ view that morality is obeying the positive laws of society. Include in your response: a, the reasons why he claims that humans are naturally selfish and aggressive. b.the three laws that reason must follow to establish order in society.

A3. According to Hobbes’ morality is the accepted way of behavior of an individual, the positive laws guide the behavior of the person and obeying these laws is morality, it is the standard of judging the system of society by way of natural reasoning, moral norms are set in the society and have to be obeyed. (a) Hobbes claims that human beings are naturally selfish and aggressive, it is human nature to show discomfort to system or situations that are not according to his likes, Hobbes says good behavior is the result of moral attitude to do good no one can do good if he is not moral thus the positive laws play major role in moral behavior, following the laws of society and obedience are the result of morality. Human beings are selfish and aggressive as in the case of religious beliefs and systems, people find it natural to do their obligations that are very peculiar to his religion as religious truth out weighs the human reasoning and he would be highly offended if someone were to point it out and anger follows, there are many such examples where people reason to justify their acts. Morality is a system of positive laws followed by the society. (b) These laws are to maintain order in the society,(1)The order of society can only be maintained if the people in the society are morally good, people must make moral judgments by studying the situations they have to deal with in the society there should be a balance between the conditions and decisions in making judgments as in the skilled games played in the society.(2) the judges must be honest, law abiding and must be morally good to justify their duties so as to maintain order in the society.(3)Order in the society follows only when people are concerned with the well being of the people of the society ,they help each other in the hour of need . Morality has originated from obeying the set rules of the society which have been set through the years, and some rules are the result of traditional morality, which is habitual and exists in our society, obedience sets the order of the society.

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