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The iceberg theory of change management is developed by Wilfried Kruger and this entire theory depends upon the essence of change in organizations. The essence of change that is discussed in this theory is dealing with barriers. This theory gives an idea about the tip of the iceberg and it says that many change oriented managers only look at the top of the iceberg that comprises of cost, quality and time which in other words is also known as issue management.

The change in organizations is usually based on different logics and understanding these logics is essential for an organization (Poole & Ven 2004). In the surface of the iceberg water is present which depicts that there is another important characteristic of change which is known as implementation management. This implementation management revolves around the management of perceptions and beliefs and power and politics management. The kinds of barriers that arise with respect to the iceberg theory and the implementation part are totally based on the kind of change and the applied change strategy. The applied change strategy contains elements like revolutionary changes in the business processes which are also known as business process reengineering and it also includes evolutionary and incremental changes like Kaizen (Cummings & Worley 2008). According to this theory the people involved in change are opponents, promoters, Hidden opponents, Potential promoters.

Opponents: the opponents have a negative attitude towards and they dislike change. These opponents should be controlled by changing their perceptions about the change and a proper management of perceptions and change is required.

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