Sample Essay

Executive Summary:-

To embolden an enterprise spirit is a major challenge for many companies. In
this modern world which is also known as the Global Village due to the customer
exigency. and needs companies are unremittingly developing new products for which
they have to adopt new procedures to develop a new product but for a start up companies
they must identify the best practices to develop a new product which would help them to
salvage a revenue as well as the cost of the product.
Business means profit and for the manufacturing firms who develops new product
they carefully scrutinize their cost of the products and for that they have to identify the
best practices in new product development.
In this we have develop the best practices model which identifies the overall
Functions to develop a product by a start up companies which includes to analyze the
market share of the competitors their product features how they are satisfying the needs
of the customer and what other features the customer wants in the products.
For a start up companies it is vital for them the judge and identify the customers
of their products so that they can easily sell to their target markets and customers.
To identify the best practices for a start up companies is basic step to manufacture
Its products before its launch in the market.

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