Sample Essay

  1. The writer of this letter to the editor is assuming that the sheriffs department has only two officers which may not be correct. I’m sure that the supervisor is also aware that a county cannot be run without police. (straw man)
  2. In this case the writer has just assumed that all cases of people using fertility drugs have multiple births, ignoring the fact that this may only apply to some cases. It is incorrect to say that the use of these drugs is an equivalent to abortion.(misleading vividness)
  1. In this case thee is a contradictory point that on one side the writer is saying that widows have a hard  time coping and on the other side she still prefers to be one rather than a divorcee.(Appeal to belief).
  2. Children shouldn’t say the pledge as they are only doing what they have been told to do without probably meaning a word of it. In this way we are indirectly teaching them   to disregard promises they make to themselves, God and to the country.(burden of proof)
  3. It is a little unfair to blame the joggers and cyclist for this decision. It would be better to make a proper track for them rather than closing it altogether for Drivers.A park is meant to be for fun not a burden for picnickers.
  4. Objections are always raised when something goes against ones interests and beliefs. In this case no objection would be raised most probably for placing figurines of a Gentile family. But I also think that in a non jewish country this action was bound to raise attention. Any kind of placements near the White House relating to religion should be stopped.
  5. Only the wealthy are not responsible for not paying taxes. Some govt officials are also corrupt.(false dilemma)

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