Sample Essay

How to devise the mechanism to better evaluate and authenticate the upstream traceability?

If organizations set up mechanisms of evaluation of their progress, they can easily determine which authentication solutions best meets the organization’s various identity management requirements. This will enhance and bring out uniqueness in the involved line of production thus the image of the organization is secured by this unique user credentials.

i. Articulate an integrated marketing strategy

Integrated network is more profitable than a single or disintegrated one. Considering that  with a now more balanced emphasis which has been concentrated more on product performance and in evaluation of benefits, some other factors such as  emotional brand imaging can be easily managed since they play an important role which drive differentiation and preference. Therefore, producers should search for means of implementing it consistently over given period of time. For example, the digital asset management system usually provide for even and greater consistency over this kind of control; This is referred to as the Customer Touch Design (CTD): 25, 27 Besides organizational integration, producers should also seek to involve their employees in brainstorming and in how they can help bring their brand’s promise into a reality 27, 31, 35

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