Sample Essay

All in all, there is a different concept by the suicide bombers who are basically motivated by the religious acts and ideology and they think they were brought in this world for good and they’ll end up doing good as they believe that God has sent them on a mission which is to be attained and they’ll get heaven in the end but as discussed earlier there mind has been manipulated and they act what they have been preached while they were brought up, so basically it is more dependent on how they shape up things.

These suicide bombers are mostly motivated by a happy afterlife because they believe not in this world of hypocrisy but the life that will never end and that will be the time when its going to be eternal. The rationale of suicide bombers is that by blowing themselves up in the crowd of people they are basically forcing themselves to enter the gateway to heaven which is so not true and many different religious parties are playing their part to destroy the beauty of Islam as Islam is the only religion which teaches us to avoid these evil acts, the name Islam itself means Peace so no matter how much the world can try, the fighters of Islam will make sure this religion lasts forever (Lamberg, 1997).

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