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This new revolutionary way through which digital data can be replicated, distributed and stored, including all the copyrighted material can be a catch 22 for the authors and right holders. But on the flip side they new information highway can give new and stimulating ways for authors to share copies of their work with millions of people in a cheap and inexpensive way as compared to the time before.

For instance a recording artist can record a piece of music and upload it on the internet which can be accessed by individuals all over the world. This sharing will not require a large amount of investing nor manufacturing, packaging or shipping of music physically to those remote locations. (Hassel, David E. 2009, pp. 23-28)The downside of this new technology can make it very easy for the pirates and those who want to compete illegally with the author.

The main challenge faced in the digital age is to protect an author’s and right holders motivation to keep on creating new work, and to use these technologies in a beneficial way to distribute their work amongst their consumers in the face of such a aggressive threat from the illegal use of technology by violators.

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