Sample Essay

According to the research conducted by Gene Abel, medical director of the Behavioral Medicine Institute of Atlanta, around 30% of pedophiles were sexually abused themselves as children. (American Psychiatric Association, 2006). This clearly states that those who are abused themselves become mentally sick and addicted to this dirty act. It is important to know how a single abuse can lead to more abuse by a former victim, thus the number multiplies. Apart from just sexually abusing others they also get involved in other serious violent crime such as stealing and substance abuse.

In another study regarding child abuse done on a large population based sample of men and women it came into light that ‘as many as 80% of those abused are diagnosed with some form of psychological disorder at the age of 21.’ (Springer, Sheridan, Kuo & Carnes, 2007). Mainly these disorders are related to depression, anxiety attacks and nightmares but it also affects the dietary habits of the individual. Some of these people by time become more disturbed; they have anger management issues and can be dangerous to other individuals. In many of these cases therapy becomes a necessity.

It is important for the society at large to know that child abuse is not just one social ill but it leads to many other social ills such as crime, addiction, abnormal psychological behavior and more abuse. If the society does not get to know the consequences of this hidden epidemic disease then the future will not be protected well.

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