Sample Essay

Before the discussion is started, lets understand the key concepts of deforestation and biodiversity. Deforestation simply by its name means changing an area of forestation into a non-forested area. Biodiversity “is the number and types of organisms in an ecosystem, region or environment”. (Butler)

The Amazon is home to more species of plants and animals than any other terrestrial ecosystem on the planet. In Amazon, “perhaps 30% of the world’s species are found there” (Butler). The biodiversity of Amazon is astonishing, the entire ant species or perhaps more found in British Isles can be found in a lone bush of Amazon. More than 480 species of trees can be found in a single hectare of Amazon.

Why should we, the human beings, care about few animals, trees and species been killed? What is the reason that we should care and conserve rainforests? The simple answer is that conservation is not by protecting rare species or trees; the future for mankind will be safe as well. There are no major positive impacts of deforestation and extinct wildlife for whatever the reason maybe. Some of the major effects of deforestation are discussed in the paper.

The deforestation is harmful majorly and instantly to its surrounding areas. “The most immediate impact of deforestation occurs at the local level with the loss of ecological services provided by tropical rainforests and related ecosystems.” (Butler) Deforestation is dangerous and results in the loss of natural functions, which are important to the poor population. These activities include flood control, water treatment, erosion prevention, fisheries protection, and pollination to name a few. The loss of forests also results in the fall of renewable resources like medicinal plants, timber, nuts and fruit, and game. “Image losing the potential cure for cancer or AIDS that might have been found in an undiscovered plant from the rainforest.” (Geocities)

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