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The process set in motion by the Bonn Agreement represents “perhaps the most ambitious [international agenda] ever attempted: a multibillion-dollar effort to reform and rebuild one of the world’s poorest and most conflicted countries” (Ayub & Kuovo, 2008, p. 649). The Bonn Agreement essentially established a timeline for state-building which Ayub and Kuovo (2008) contended to focused largely on “the politics of stabilization” and the “technical aspects of state building” (p.649). Ayub and Kuovo (2008) further stated that Bonn Agreement had not always proved to well-serve one another as objectives for meaningful and lasting restructuring.

            One component of the Bonn Agreement was the designation of “lead nations” to take responsibility for shepherding and assisting the newly formed Afghan government (first the Interim Authority and then the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan) in the development of specific aspects of governing and security. Germany was designated as the lead agency for the nation’s reform on law enforcement. Italy was responsible in assisting the nation’s development on justice system. On the other hand, the United Kingdom (U.K.) was responsible with narcotics reform while the U.S. was the designated lead nation for reform of the Afghan military.

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