Sample Essay


This paper summarizes the concepts that are vital to change management and are relevant to all organization for business problem solving. It establishes the relationship between the different forces at work within an organization, namely; leadership, employee behavior, organizational culture, and group dynamics. It discusses the importance of three critical concepts that should be a part of every progressive organization. These three critical concepts are coordination, commitment and competency. These concepts incorporated with other forces at work in an organization can make a winning combination to resolve issues within organizations.

The ever evolving new world economy establishes change as the only constant. Today, organizations compete in a global environment that poses immense external competitive pressure. Yet it also favors those organizations that accept the challenge, and adapt to the competitive forces for profit maximization. However, only those excel that possess strong leaders across all levels of the organization, foster team building, and nurture a culture where the former forces can survive.

Gone are the days when leaders were CEOs sitting at the top of the organizational pyramid. The leaders in the top down pyramid organizations of the new economy are present throughout the organization. Indeed leadership is an essential tool that helps managers motivate employees for task accomplishment. Especially in the avenue of change management the role of a directional, and supportive leader is essential. The leaders implementing change in their organization have to be prudent and sensitive to the needs of their organizations. Leaders set directions, and provide resources to meet goals. They invest themselves in the problem solving process and take their organization along. Leaders practice what they preach, and that is how they lead the way to task accomplishment “they focus energy for change on the work itself, not on abstractions” (Beer, B., Eisenstat R. A., Spector B.,(1990), Nov-Dec. Why Change Programs Don’t Produce Change. Harvard Business Review,158-166).

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