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Also, there is also much confusion and debate regarding the implementation of censorship and whether or not it is justified in the ends it aims to achieve. A massively shared opinion regarding censorship is that the limitations enforced through censorship handicap the generation and development of creativity (National Coalition Against Censorship, 2008). In reality, censorship when appropriately exercised is implemented using a case-by-case method of reasoning. Each individual case is given the degree of scrutiny it is due (Caroline West, 2004). Hence, censorship does not serve to diminish creativity, but allows for the amplification of productive creativity.
It is necessary to draw the line between the freedom of speech, and the exploitation of the freedom of speech. It is the freedom of speech that should be promoted rather than the vulgarity of the exploitation of the freedom of speech (Generation Europe , 2006). Exploitation of the freedom of speech has more than often been used to exercise crude attitudes in the political dimension.
Limits have to be recognized and exercised upon the freedom of speech. This is important because at a number of times, the independence to sound the thought that a person has about a certain subject or person may be in sharp contradiction to the values of another person or to the rights that the other person has.

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