Sample Essay

It is important to develop an information or knowledge model according to every different project of the organization in order to solve the problem situation effectively. Since each situation is unique it deserves a separate model and analysis. Organizations need to base their systems on knowledge and information according to each different project. Thus the demand for analysis experts has been on the rise. Integration of the model with the rest of the systems in the organization is essential for effective results and decision making (Whang, S; 1990).

EIA has gained popularity lately and is mostly being used to develop and maintain websites for organizations. There are certain strategies to implement the EIA as proposed in (syntagm; 2009).There are problems to EIA obviously as discussed by (Rosenfeld; 2002) but since implementation of the EIA is critical it is considered to be a major problem. There are proposed solutions for the respective problems as well. A roadmap for implementing EIA has also been proposed that has four divisions and it makes sure implementation is organization wide and effective.

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