Sample Essay

The management needs to understand the importance of employee involvement and take their feedback to fix the problems since then only the employees will feel the company cares about them. If they require upward communication and involvement in decision making then they should be granted so. If they need more training and development then the company must conduct a training program to teach the employees how to use the new system so that they get used to the new system. This way the employees will feel they are an important part of the organization and they will be motivated to work even better for the company.

The employees are not satisfied with their work in this case. Elton Mayo’s Hawthornestudies explain that employees need to feel that the managers are concerned about them and that they are important and this is lacking in this company. These studies produced by Elton Mayo argue that workers performance is affected by working conditions (hygiene), skill of these workers and also the financial incentives. This gave birth to incentive schemes, payment schemes, and rest periods, lighting and heating. The effect of these changes was closely studied on the performance of the workers. But the research concluded that it was not the effect of these changes that increased productivity every time these changes were brought in to action, it was actually the chance of interaction that the workers got during their breaks and even work that they were motivated to work since man is a social animal with social needs. Secondly, it was the interest that the top management showed in them that to them was translated as to be care on the part of the management that motivated them to work since now they considered themselves to be morally obligated to put in their best. A business must make sure that all personal needs of their workers are being fulfilled and they should be satisfied (TAMKIN, P., HIRSH, W. and TYERS, C; 2003). Communication between management and workers is important since social needs are important for humans and otherwise it triggers a divorce between ownership and control. Communication helps workers understand the goals of the organization and they aim to fulfill them with great honesty (Robbins and DeCenzo; 2001).

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