Sample Essay

Teams are specialized workgroups within an organization. A team is a collection of individuals who come together to achieve a particular objective. The contemporary organizations around the globe are well aware of the synergy that is resulted as a positive consequence of team work and is hereby cultivating the culture of team working in their organizations.  The role of a manger and the management cannot be denied in the work groups and teams.

 Depending on the nature of the jobs assigned the teams can take different forms and shape. But the core reality of the creation of a work team remains constant that is the effective task accomplishment. The team working and dynamics proposes that the synergy of the work teams is comparatively higher than the work groups and individuals. It is for this reason that the interactions that take place within a team are more formal and work oriented. But the fact needs to be acknowledged that the organization and the management none can defy the importance of informal interactions in a team. Owing to the fact the role of a manager amplifies in the team.

The two broad categories of the managerial expertise are the personal and the professional competence. Hence in planning, organizing, leading and controlling the managers can equally participate as a regular team member. But the fact needs consideration that a manger is a manager he should not try to be the opinion leader of the team and hampering the actual purpose of team. But he should rather encourage brainstorming and new idea development in the team members. By working in a team a manager can fulfill his need of developments as he will participate with his subordinates at an equal level.

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