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When talking of traits, charisma is one of the important features of an effective leader. Charisma is the power or quality that one has which influences and attracts a large number of people. A charismatic leader is self-confident, inspirational, competent, communicative, motivating, has a strong sense of moral values and tends to be a strong role model. A charismatic leader has a positive attitude and persona that makes the workers want to be led by him or her. Charismatic leaders have the quality of interacting with others, maintaining two way communications and respecting the perceptions as well as suggestions of everyone else. (Argyris, 1976)

Styles of management also affect how the leaders behave and take decisions. There are three styles of management/leadership that are followed depending on the corporate culture or the situation. Firstly, the autocratic leader is the one who is the most authoritative type of leader. Autocratic leaders make all decisions based upon their own judgment and set the business objectives themselves and give the employees rules and instructions that they should follow. Workers are not involved in the process of decision making and this factor may affect there habit of taking initiatives (Dale, 1973). Workers following an autocratic leader may never be up for talking responsibility and initiative as they are not trained to do so. However, this management style is rather useful in occupations such as Armed forces or the police as there is no need for orders to be discussed and a quick response to instructions is required.

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