Sample Essay

Data is important and dynamic for certain organizations and the traditional warehousing techniques are too narrow to be applied on the organization for an effective analysis and access of information (Farahmand et al; 2005). EIA is important for organizations to develop and implement as a result of the challenging and competitive environment. (Alan Perkins; 1997). EIA gives an organization a basis and framework for identifying, delivering and disseminating information in a much contended manner. Organizations nowadays need solutions that can be implemented from top to bottom of the respective organization. Organizations need a lynchpin to manage all technologies such as content management, knowledge management, learning management and to implement the learning cycle within the organization. Organizations need to shift their focus from project mode to infrastructure mode in order to implement the system throughout the organization (Tdan; 2009).

Integration of information is important to build a base and according to Rosenfeld (2002) EIA depicts the organization’s strategies and goals so it has a major impact on operations and functions or processes including the existing and desired models of the organization. The EIA basically describes the significance of information in the value chain of organizations through business events, boundaries, external targets and decision making process. The implementation of EIA via an effective model is the most important aspect of the knowledge economy today. This confirms the wide spread use of information systems for decision making and information management (Png, P.,I., C. Q. Tang, Q. Wang; 2006).

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