Sample Essay

Genetic screening is an essential tool which can save thousands of lives, and early detection and treatment of disease is an important step in managing the costs of health care.  Furthermore, it also makes it much more difficult for insurance companies to continue to persist these practices are acceptable as Congress believes more overreaching health insurance reform measures. It is said by various experts that genetic tests can be misused to target and fire employees who run up with company health insurance costs or reject their exposure. For many people this has become a reality. But, the demerit outweighs the merit of saving lives and their future.

Genetic Discrimination in the Workplace

Talking about workplace, age discrimination is the practice of excluding applicants for hire or promotion based on the age of the individual. Frequently associated with ageism, age discrimination can be referred to as an approach that takes the focus of skill levels and job competency. Furthermore, uniform standard of conduct can be provided by the law regarding the use of genetic information in the workplace. The complete body of American workplace antidiscrimination law is put up upon the premise that applicants and employees must be selected based on their ability to do the job and not on myths, fears, and stereotypes regarding race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, or disability (Miller, 2002).

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