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If one investigates the overall aim of Early Childhood Education and job elaborations of the leaders of these centers, one will see a strong requirement for interpersonal communication skills. An annual survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers reveals that “job candidates who have good interpersonal skills have a significant advantage over their loutish competitors.” From a rating a 4.54 on a five point skill, interpersonal skills were rated as the highest on the skill list of employees. When asked to name the top ten qualities they sought for in job, communictation skills topped the list, followed by teamwork work skills, academic achievement GPA and technical skills.

Stephen Covey (Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) says that any job is twenty percent knowledge and eighty percent interpersonal skills” says Marry Ellen Imbo, principle at Westwood Elementary School in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. It is normally difficult to quantify interpersonal skills. It is a major pre-requisite for job interviews and highlighted in career ads though. However it goes unsaid, that interpersonal communication is definitely not something which can be achieved via a diploma, a certificate or a degree and neither is it the most conspicuous element of cv/resume. According to an internet web search done in January 2001, around two thousand leadership institutes awared their graduates with a diploma or degree. But there were none that awarded the graduates with a degree in listening skills, r a diploma in conflict resolution. (Patton)

Listening is another important aspect of the entire communication process which involves speaking, writing and reading. Yet, very little time (if any) is devoted to teaching people the skills they need to become better listeners. “We learn in elementary school how to write, read and speak, but virtually no class time is spent teaching techniques to make listening more effective. While the other three modes of communication are important, listening deserves at least as much attention in the skill-building process’’ ( (Ury)

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