Sample Essay

An organization is a systematic arrangement of people brought together to accomplish some specific purpose (Werther & Davis; 2000).Therefore, without a leader these people will not be able to establish and follow company goals since without the careful guidance of a leader it is impossible for people on positions in the lower end of the hierarchical structure to meet any such goals.  The leader gives a start and a boost to the organizational process, a leader is in fact the engine of an organization without which the organization may tend to become dysfunctional.

A leader is someone who is able to influence others and who possesses managerial authority. It is important to channel the activities in an organization since then everything will tend to disperse. Leaders set objectives for their subordinates to follow them and achieve them for the betterment of the organization; they demonstrate that change is possible by overcoming inertia, leaders increase self-confidence of team members with their considerable influence on people and help them to relies their potential more fully so they help bring out the best in people, leaders guide, support and influence but they do not control and that is why people look up to leaders since they influence people in a positive way but never try to control them with force and leaders can influence others to perform beyond the actions dictated by formal authority.

Leaders motivate workers to do phenomenal things and without the proper guidance of a leader the workers in an organization will not have any path to follow and establish goals. Leadership’s phenomenal role in an organization can be supported by various management theories.

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