Sample Essay

Another step that needs to be taken is that the company should ensure that the online presence or the website should be kept up-to-date. According to sources, “Ten years down the road there will only be two types of print shops. Those that are glad they went digital and those that wish they had” (Chai, 2007). This proves that the online presence is extremely important and an updated website is necessary so as to maintain a decent presence in the market. It can be said in this regard that the website can be helpful because customers can always log on to it and it can also provide customer services while promoting products of the company.


In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that HP and Dell are two rival companies that deal in the same business field, and are making efforts to take over each other’s market share. As Dell is making efforts to gaining position in the market, HP needs to make efforts so as to ensure that the market share of the company is not taken over by Dell. For this, certain steps are required which include customer satisfaction as it would maintain the trust that exists in the company, along with an up to date online presence, cutting down prices etc. These are the basic steps that would somehow manage to ensure that the market share of HP is not taken over by Dell.

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