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In a broader context, the research would be able to calculate the right level of relationship between actual sales volume which is linked with attractive environment of the retail outlet. The research is overall important for the retail sector to create proper awareness that customers not only come to shop to purchase the products they need but also to experience the atmosphere and the attention they receive by walking into the retail outlet.

The research will definitely be contributing in better understanding of how important retail environments are in terms of attracting customers to the outlets and converting them as Brand Loyal. The research will not be relevant to the high end Brands but will be relevant to all other emerging brands and other retailers who do not have a better picture of how important it is for them to create an attractive retail environment for their target customers. It will also provide them with the detail of the concept that human behaviors are linked with the attractive surrounding of the outlets.

In terms of methodology, Primary Research would be chosen in which Questionnaires will be distributed among certain respondents who visit different retail outlets. They would be requested to answer questions regarding how much the environment influences them in making buying decision. Even a survey would be carried out to get a better idea about customer views and opinions. In terms of secondary research, journals can be referred to know the relationship between human behavior and retail environment.

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