Sample Essay

In Isaiah 41:23 God says in order to evaluate other gods’ powers by asking: “tell us what the future holds, so we may know that you are gods.” Isaiah’s God says that a true god can exactly tell about the future. A true god therefore must be omniscient and have also infallible foreknowledge in order to tell each and every single thing related to the future. Without foreknowledge and also without omniscience a powerful god can make several kinds of mistakes about the future. People therefore need a god who actually knows the future.

The theistic God of the Bible guides and also controls all the worldly based events. With the help of the foreknowledge God also knows all the truths and also the future based human actions for instance what actually He plans to happen, and how He will guide people in order to control and also to manage the world. God also designed all these things before creation. For most of the people, limiting omniscience tarnishes God’s perfection and also diminishes trust in Him and in fulfillment of His own purpose.

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