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As a child spends most of his time at school and idealizes a teacher more than a parent, the role of the teacher is a vital one. The teacher should try to have a lot of patience while teaching these young minds to read. Loss of patience will be negative for a potential lover of reading. The use of special techniques will be required. One of the most important things a teacher has to do is to break the ice and develop a trusting relationship with the students. Try not to put the child on the spot. In the initial times, do not ask a child to read in front of the entire class if he is unwilling to do so. Plan activities which you are sure the child will excel in so that he is encouraged. Teachers should try to focus on intensive reading rather than extensive reading. This actually means that the quantity reading should not be as much preference as quality reading and understanding of the text should.

It is very important for a child to be a good reader if he wants to be successful in life. Books help to develop a child’s vital linguistics skill. They open up new worlds for him and enrich his life. It enhances his social skills. It improves hand eye co ordination. Reading can provide children with plenty of good, clean fun. Reading really does matter.

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