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In the next five years, there shall be a significant decrease in credit based lending. The United States auto industry shall redevelop its functional models and shall engage in extensive change management. While management approaches such as lean management were being implemented with increasing frequency, the next five years shall show new developments in the areas of lean management and total quality management with regard to their application in management, administrative and operational aspects. The United States auto industry can be expected to take on a much more cautious approach in the next five years when considered with regard to its expansion. However, the degree of caution can be expected to decrease with improvement. It would be safe to surmise that the United States auto industry has evolved extensively as a result of the current economic crisis and has learned a lesson of undeniable significance from it.

Another change that can be expected to come forth as rather prominent is the augmentation of an increased degree of accountability in the operations of the United States auto industry. The United States auto industry has almost always been one that has chosen to operate in line with stringent and rigid policies. The next five years may be ones in which the United States auto industry shall undergo a change in this approach and new policies may encourage an increased degree of variation as compared to current ones. New policies shall allow each case of problem to be considered individually rather than as one that has to be fit into a specific set of case based templates and to be dealt with accordingly.

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