Sample Essay

Improvement is necessary in almost every task that is performed and similarly for this advertisement there is certainly some room for improvement to take place. Firstly, the advertisement should be catchier in terms of content used in the advertisement. The graphics and other images must be of appropriate resolution so that the viewer attention is grasped within no time. Secondly, the advertisement should be targeted towards various segments and not at just one segment in order to educate audience that the offering is not just limited for one segment but can be fully appropriate for other segments too.

Changes in the advertisement:


Task: More Attractive Advertisement
Thorough Research into Target Market
Hiring an Advertising Agency/Law firm

Duration of Task: 3 weeks

Estimated Labor Cost: Roughly $ 10,000


Resources: Marketing research team
Media and Advertising expenses

Estimated Cost: $ 20,000








Although a company must plan extensively while implementing the idea of coming up with an advertisement so that no flaws are found out once it is out in the market. The best approach for the CSR is to carry out the research to know more who can be the best target customers for the product and keeping in view what results have been extracted, it should come out with right advertisement for the right segment so that response is favorable for the company. Moreover, the budget allocated must be substantial so that finance problems do not come in between.

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