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Identify two ways in which the noise figure of the receiver could be improved.

In order to improve the noise figure of the received signal, two signal processing techniques can be used.  These techniques are MTI filtering and Doppler Shift Processing (Skolnik 110).

b) Compare the relative advantages and disadvantages of each technique.

The use of MTI filtering reduces any range ambiguity in the signal; however the use of MTI filtering introduces Doppler ambiguity.  The use of Doppler Shift Processing on the other hand removes the Doppler ambiguity but the signal will still have range ambiguity in the signal (Skolnik 110).

Q4 A common process in Radar Warning Receivers must detect many aspects of incoming signals.

(a) Name five (5) characteristics of incoming signals that are detected by a radar warning receiver

A Typical radar warning receiver detect frequency, pulse width, pulse rate, scan rate and beam width of an incoming signal (Adamy 76).

 (b) What is meant by the term ‘Deinterleving’ in the context of a radar warning receiver?

De-Interleaving is a process in a Radar Warning Receiver in which different types of radar signals are separated from each other and active radar emitters are then detected from these signals(Cole).

  •  Analysis of alternatives
  • Selection of an alternative: Final Thoughts
  • Implementation of an alternative
  • Effectiveness of decision effectiveness

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