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In order to provide further clarification, the research then presented an elaboration of value chain strategy levels and attempted to highlight the significance of the modern day value chain management. An elaboration on the need to share information in a value chain was followed by the need for the definition of standards in the value chain. The literature review then shed light on the relevance of recognizing value chain members before highlighting the relevance of the virtual components of the value chain.

It was revealed that Dell’s value chain is currently at its strongest in the area of inbound logistics. Dell makes use of real-time technology to ensure that its inbound logistical activities remain under its control. In contrast, it was observed that outbound logistics operations are often considered to be the riskier of the primary activities.

The essence of the findings of the research was that Dell has been able to ensure that all of its internal activities in the value chain function at their maximum level of performance but has been unable to harness the same level of efficiency from its external value chain members. In this regard, Dell faces a long term liability that can cause Dell considerable complications in future strategies if not dealt with earlier. Internal value chain constituents such as firm infrastructure, technology, human resource management, and procurement activities were observed to be functioning at a level that can be considered to be exemplary. In contrast, the secondary activities of outbound logistics and service were found to be relatively weaker than those of inbound logistics, operations and sales & management.

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