An incentive or recognition program may illicit interest and motivation in a few individuals but may seem unimportant or, even bothersome to the other, depending upon their designation, personality, preferences etc. because every individual is different form the other. A single motivation technique does not have the same effect on the whole workforce.

The employee feeling detached or low on his morale is less likely to be driven by monetary reward; in fact it may take the result in loss. (Kovech, 1995) On the other hand an employee on the lowest level of economic strata may find himself most motivated by tangible cash reward or incentives. Employees start expecting incentives and reward at even performing their job consistently. Group incentives promote jealousy within employee, or harbor feeling of being treated unjustly. Providing recognition to a few employees and not the other even when they put their efforts as well may instead de-motivate them.

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