Sample Essay


     A hiring policy is a document which is basically a layout of the company, the vacancies available, the modes of applying that would be made available to the applicants, the terms and conditions of being hired, the requirements for the job, ways by which the candidates would be tested, methods of rating the candidates, medical exams that are required to be taken before being hired, as well as an undertaking by the organization that no discrimination would be carried out against anyone on the basis of gender, race etc.

A firm and all-inclusive hiring policy can assist the employers in looking for and hiring extremely competent applicants, guarantee regularity in human resources practices, and act in accordance with the abundant federal, state, and local laws that regulate hiring practices. The hiring policy of any country are the terms and conditions which are to be taken into consideration when hiring a foreign resident or at times even people of the same country. It takes into consideration the chief features of the hiring function that is inclusive of interview queries, proposal letters, credit and history checks and drug testing etc.

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