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In other cases the search for the economic growth has directed many people of governments and development-has objection in the rain forests.  They exploit the forest for their resources, like trees for the wood or the land to graze or to cultivate. Zimbabweexpressed this tendency in the Convention of international trade in the Species in danger of extinction of the Fauna and the Wild Flora (APPOINTMENT), that fauna “should pay its way to survive”.  If money cannot be done, can come be a “relic of the past”.  Winning money in the industry of the ecotourism can be a way for rain forests of paying its way inside a company that is pressured to exploit not renewable resources.  One of the examples more environmental dramatists to direct benefit of tourism is in the savings of the gorilla of mountain of the extinction inRwanda.  If the ecotourism will be influential in keeping rain forests, the incomes of the tourism should reach the people that ultimately will decide the future of the forest.

Unfortunately, too often the money engendered does not benefit these people.  In place goes it to countries developed, where the tourists originated, giving the small economic protection to the forests.  The profits leave behind to the nations developed by tour operators, plane tickets, lodgings and not local supplies foreigners possessed use.  The World Bank estimates that everywhere only the 45 percent of the income of tourism reaches the host country.  In areas less developed the percentage is often lower.  A study of the popular destinies of the ecotourism of the region of Annapurna of Nepal found that only 10 cents of each dollar spent remained in the local economy.  Inside the country the money can finish in the large cities or in the hands of the rich elite.  The dollars of the tourist should help to acquire and to improve management of zones protected in which the tourism is based, but the money of the tourism finishes for few times with the agencies that handle these areas.  InCosta Ricathe services of park do not win sufficient money of their entrances to handle and to protect their numerous parks.  Only 25% of their budget comes from fees; the other three-rooms should come from contributions.  The tourists often suffer you add large that pay of money in entrances.  Although these fees be only a small portion of the money spent in a trip that can be the most important dollars spent in protecting the resource because they go directly toward protecting the place.

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