What are the societal implications of knowledge/information exchanged between Wemers in their BBS interactions? Is there any negative side to their youth enthusiasm? Does the Wemer subculture promote any uncalled-for activities which have a detrimental effect on Wemer perception among outsiders?

As has been proven in this dissertation, the “freedom” and “non-traditional” values of the Wemer community is often too hot to handle for government authorities who’ve now started interfering in the internal problems of the Wemer community.

There have been systematic clamp-downs on various modes of Wemer interactions on the BBS forums. Authorities fear some aspects of Wemer subculture may qualify in the long run to be treason and sedition.

However, the Wemers, themselves, deny these charges. On the contrary, they claim to have rendered full support to government authorities in crisis moments as the recent Tibet problem and the earthquake in Sichuan province. In a survey (chapter 3) question regarding government censorship and its impact on BBS communities, a majority of Wemers (55%) expressed disapproval for such measures (refer Appendix I and II).

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