Sample Essay


     Frank McCourt was born in Brooklyn, New York in the year 1930 to parents Malachy and Angela McCourt. He had three siblings namely Malachy, twins namely Oliver and Eugene and another sister namely Margaret who died. In the book namely Angela’s Ashes, Frank McCourt tells us of the hardships that he faced during his childhood. In the memoir, the author begins right from the start where his mother got pregnant with him and his father spent all his money on alcohol.

They eventually move on Ireland where more trouble strikes them and they face times of great dispossession. Right in the beginning of the book, Frank McCourt says, “my father and mother should have stayed in New York where they met and married and where I was born. Instead, they returned to Ireland when I was four, my brother, Malachy, three, the twins, Oliver and Eugene, barely one, and my sister, Margaret, dead and gone” (McCourt, p.1). After a lot of struggle through out his life, eventually by working Frank saves up enough money in order to go to New York. Even though he’s heart broken about leaving Ireland, he was still very hopeful about the future.

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