Sample Essay

In the process of advertising of ingredient brand as sole integral aspect of purchase, producers are advised to take into consideration the value of fair trade. The orders are directed towards the success of ingredient branding while on the other hand invoices reflect the brand as an integral aspect of purchase. 16, 19 Despite some of the associated risks from this upstream approach, advise and other experiences for instance Intel Inside campaigns have proved that In-branding, if systematically executed, leads as an excellent strategy in helping suppliers to  capitalize on the positive image of their end products. 31, 36 The benefits of ingredient branding are many and never seem to be limited, for instance it elevates awareness in the market and among its end users; It also plays another role of establishing better entry barriers for any competitor in their production line; More importantly it also increases their customer loyalty; and building of the brand’s equity.11, 28

Charge a premium for the branded products

In all branded components with a basic reputation, producers may opt to alter consumers’ valuation on the bundle. In return, this necessitates changes in the way manufacturers and other firms usually identify and price such branded products. 12, 20 In the research, direct and downstream customers refer to the brand, utilize the brand icon, and charge a premium for their branded products that incorporate the ingredient brand. The purpose of this research paper has been mainly concentrated on proposing a better approach by the suppliers in bettering their way up in their upstream differentiation. Therefore, in relation to the second aspect of fair trade, most of research journals have argued that charging of premiums play an important role and mainly to the marketers of the branded products. This in return, gives optimal pricing and partner selection decisions besides giving the customer a quality product.21, 25 This paper’s premium charging are in twofold: (a) To the purchaser of the branded product- the research suggests that optimal ingredient branded product offers optimal market selling prices so as to fetch the producers some reasonable revenues and profits; and (b) to the product which is being branded by the manufacturer the paper proposes that on its premiums, the most favorable of all alliances with the partners, and payoff gains or losses should aligning with other branded products and not as it is done in association with other unbranded alternatives.

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