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Most companies will carry out various brand campaigns and promotions with and aim of fetching in more customers, promotional materials are in most cases intended to directly influence the consumer’s buying decision. 17 Producers should therefore focus on various determining factors on the market before undertaking the above measure such as the emotional response of the intended consumer, for instance, sign post adverts should be set up, or other means of creating awareness such as paper prints to provide a more positive impression of the product. 12
Other measures which can be taken include direct mailing or messaging to the target market with an aim of convincing them on the importance and other benefits of purchasing the particular brand. In other cases, there can be use of high end determinant promotional materials, which will bring more impression about a particular product to the customer. 18, 24 For instance in cases where one competitor will sell a newly branded ingredient product while the other sells standard ingredient products, the level of advertising usually differ in that it is profitable to note that of the two competitors, the one with standard products will need a different approach in the market while most consumers will always embrace the new product and mainly if the old product was not always meeting their needs. In this case, the old ingredient must convince that the new product is no better than the old one. However, if building better brands works as a catalyst for a better coordination among producers, the newly branded retailer can be at a disadvantage if the differentiation between new and old ingredient products is not clear enough in the eyes of the consumer. 16, 25

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