Sample Essay

Promotion: Initial marketing campaigns of Listerine launched in USA did not receive any response thereby an innovative strategy used was to highlight a medical terminology for bad breath, Chronic Halitosis. Customers fearing bad breath as a serious medical condition, started to buy Listerine. Thereby in order to increase penetration in international market, there is a need to educate customers about the importance of Listerine mouthwashes along with advantages that can be harnessed by using the product on a regular basis. It is also important that importance of self-confidence and better personality be also included to educate the customers about the importance of Listerine mouthwashes. Recently a report has suggested that most mouthwashes use alcohol that can cause mouth cancers, to which no response has been given by Listerine, which can cause a great decrease in consumer base fearing oral cancers (Rashtriya sahara, Volume 8, Issues 7-12, p. 56).

Marketing efforts require proper planning in order to achieve marketing goals and targets. When marketing efforts are not properly carried out then there are chances of product failure that is product being taken out of the market. This gives competitors more chances to take control of the market and become market leaders. In order to avoid such situations, an organization must always lay solid marketing plans so that the marketing goals are well achieved resulting in the well being of the organization.

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