Sample Essay

A marketing campaign normally aim towards combining all the IMC tools for the purpose of achieving and meeting all the marketing goals of an organization therefore when an organization starts off with an IMC campaign it clearly defines the message that has to be delivered to the target market and must ensure that the message must have ample weight to convince the target customers to take purchase decision (Blakeman, 2005, p. 87)

For Instance, Unilever launches a new washing detergent especially designed for cleaning cloths of the school going children therefore the target market for the product becomes all those family houses comprising of school going children. The best form of media which can be adopted by Unilever would be to advertise the detergent on TV as families tend to watch television and furthermore door to door selling i.e. personal selling too could be the next best option for the Unilever to make sure the product gets proper awareness in the target market and the prospects are convinced that the new detergent would be able to fulfill their buying expectations.

To conclude, all IMC tools have their own importance and must be used effectively and efficiently by organizations while launching their IMC campaigns to ensure best results for their respective organization.

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