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Women in development (WID) is concerned with the numerous activities women can execute while performing in the development sector.  These may include their roles in NGOS, government, donor agencies etc. Advocates of this approach argue and voice their dissatisfaction over negligence of women from major development programmes. It is believed that development without women integration is impossible.

Supporters of this approach are of the firm view that development processes are unlikely to achieve their endeavors lest they involve women completely in them. Its main aim is complete integration of women in current development programmes. Author Esther Boserup’s book, Women’s Role in Economic Development , has outlined the impact of economic development on women. This approach calls for implementation of separate projects for women while voicing out that woman had the time and ability to do complete justice to the projects allocated to them. Separate or women-only projects were seen as the right solution to address women’s marginalization. WID is strong in its belief that if women were provided adequate access to resources like skill training to groom themselves, home economics etc, they’d soon stand parallel with men and be their full economic associates. Unlike GAD, WID considers women as homogenous entities and does not consider it important to trace back to the root causes of women’s oppression.

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