Sample Essay

A number of goals need to be attained through this study. Women being a very central part to any community all over the world, it is therefore common knowledge that all people need to play their role in the community is people have to coexist in a peaceful and supportive manner. The major causes of female biasness in a number of careers are also intended to be identified, the effect that the biasness has to the development of an organization of any sort identified and the probable solution to the problem recommended.

Better understanding of women’s intellectual contributions of the overall human study of people’s mind and societal behaviors is needed by business and organizational top management (Hemphill, 1999; Hersey, Johnson & Blanchard 2008; House, 191, pp.321-339). Through a clear definition of what leadership means and the role played by women in various leadership positions, the study intends to ensure that various intellectual contributions made by women are brought to fore (Luisa & Jennifer, 2007).

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