Sample Essay – Intellectual Quality of Student Learning

That success in instruction is deeply connected to the intellectual quality of student learning; I agree with this one, as learning ability differs from person to person. When the teacher tries to make a pupil learn, it means he is trying to improve the student’s thinking skills so that he can, stage by stage, go forward in life; critical thinking cannot be learned automatically as human beings are not born with the power to think critically,

it has to be learned, some are excellent in critical thinking yet some can never learn it, there are many factors that affect learning.

(4) regression is possible in development. Sometimes, students return from learning during the learning process and will not enhance their studies; there can be many reasons for this regression. I agree that the pressure of learning from the teacher may be too much; who teaches the student to learn what to think and does not teach them how to think, or understand, teachers expect students to learn new facts every day but does not teach them how to learn them effectively.

The teacher must help the student to learn these skills from the primary level and help them to learn through the secondary level, as the student enters higher level of studies he must be well aware and fully equipped with knowledge.

Critical thinking is based on universally accepted intellectual values which help to understand the matter with clarity, it helps to evaluate with depth, good and fair reasoning. In normal life, there are bound to be problems, and critical thinking is a problem-solving skill that is the result of knowledge, logic, behavior and emotions.

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