Sample Essay


If I want to purchase a car that not only gets me to various places in style but also provides me and my family comfort while traveling, then this would seem to me as a good choice. If I were in desperation to buy a car like that , the advert of this car would be retained in my mind, it sleek and chic look would appeal to me every time I looked at it or its picture. My perception would be that this is THE car that I require no matter what everyone else says as the advert will have created an impact on me.


Obviously, although I would have somewhat made up my mind about buying a Chrysler, I will go about gathering information about the car. This could be done through the internet, from car dealers, users and just other friends. Since my perception of the car is already positive, therefore most of the good information I gather would seem like a great thing and in this frame of mind I would probably ignore any negative aspect that is revealed in this process. This is actually what influences buying behavior. The adverts create a perception in your mind about the product, whether positive or negative, and then the knowledge that you gain about that product kind of moulds into the perception you have of it.

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