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Competitive Analysis:

Marketing is the process of identifying customer needs and wants followed by fulfilling the desired needs and wants of customers by generating profits for the organization (Kotler, 2008). Without researching into consumer needs and wants, it is pretty impossible for an organization to come up with any product/service/offering for its customers hence organizations spend heavily on their marketing activities to know what exactly is the need of their target market (Paul, 2008).

In brief, marketing activities have direct relation with the revenue streams of an organization. The more comprehensive marketing campaigns are the more positive response would be received by the organization which would assist in achieving the goals and objectives (Smith, 2007). Today, marketing is not being adopted by organizations in penetrating into local markets but is widely used in exploring and penetrating into new international markets.

Competitive analysis is carried out by a company when it enters into the market with its offerings by scrutinizing the market in terms of checking for the possible competitors. This analysis is of key importance because it gives an idea to an organization that which strategy it has to adopt in order to give tough time to the competitors and gain a higher share in the market (Taylor, 2008). For the Australian Beer maker Cooper, the main competitors in Germany remain Oettinger, Krombacher, Bitburger & Becks. Apart from these beer brands, Carlsberg, Heinekken, Tiger and Chang are also being sold out in Germany. This gives a clear idea for the company like Cooper that German market for beer remains competitive. Competitors in Germany for Beer are more like Breweries that have been established decades ago and have now become pretty respectable among the people who like drinking beer. In total, the number of competitors in Germany for Beer is up to twelve till fifteen.

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