ISO 9000 (International Standard Organization) just like six sigma is set of rules by International standards writing body and the rules mentioned in it define practices and procedures that are observed and implemented universally to make sure those set of laws and standards are recognized and accepted in all the organizations. ISO standards are implemented to ensure that manufacturing practices and processes meet the right standards and customers after using the product are satisfied that they have got the value for the money spent (Martin, 2008).

Since meeting customer needs is one of the (many) definitions of quality, ISO 9000 is frequently called a quality system or a quality management system. But the rules, referred to as requirements, go beyond quality matters as they are traditionally understood.

The first edition, published by ISO in 1987, was drawn almost word for word from a British quality system standard. It in turn evolved from an extensive sequence of written quality system specifications that had their ultimate origin in the defense and arms industries. Most of the practices required by ISO 9000 have been in use in industries of various kinds for decades (Christopher, 2009).

It is observed that major customers require or strongly “suggest” that their suppliers implement ISO 9000 systems. Equally often, such customers require independent verification that suppliers are meeting the requirements.

ISO 9000 is a wide-ranging set of rules that a business system, really that can cause the way your organization runs to intensely change, almost always for the better. Yet, because it is often customer-mandated, numerous suppliers observe ISO 9000 as “just another hoop to jump through to keep our customers happy.” They see their choice as swallow hard, pony up, and jump through the hoops; or walk away from the customer. What many do not fully appreciate is that implementing ISO 9000 expensive, exhausting, and annoying as it can be can also have the salutary effect of improving the performance of your organization (Gregory, 2007).

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