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Education sector is another prominent sector that contributes heavily to the British Economy as large number of students from all over the world applies to various universities in the UK to acquire quality and world class education. With high amount of fee charged from international students, the British Government is able to generate large sum of money alone from education sector. Due to recession and increased in tuition fee by majority of the universities in the UK, there has been aggressive and negative feelings from the international students studying in the UK against the hike in the tuition fee.

Mainly due to this reason, many students have transferred their credit and moved to US and Canada to continue their education. This too has left a negative impact on the Economy and the airline industry of the UK as now there will not be much students coming to the UK. Students normally travel to their home countries in their vacations or prefer going to different countries in their semester breaks which used to help airlines generate sufficient amount of revenue from students all alone but due to hike in fee, the number of students has been decreased and less number of students for airline industry in the UK to cater (Brown, 2007, p.156).


By going through the above available content, it can be realized that an Airline industry is almost like a back bone of a country’s economy and it generates a large sum of revenue for a country’s economy to stay in a stable state. However, the government must take preventive measure to safe guard the interest of the Airline industry so that the industry is not adversely affected in times of recession or any policies that are implemented by the government.

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